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4 Vai House, Muchipara, Naryanganj

Lack of adequate housing is a key problem in all of the cities and secondary towns in Bangladesh. In goal 11 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Bangladesh has promised to achieve the target of sufficient, safe and affordable housing by 2030. But, housing inadequacies and backlog have been increasing here mainly due to the increase in population; the fast pace of urbanization, steep rise in the price of land, building materials and labor. In the national housing policy, the emphasis has been given on 'low-cost housing'; the prime objective is to reduce cost and make housing a resilient one. Thousands of people are living with inadequate facilities and unhygienic condition. Low-cost housing should suggest how to achieve 'cost-effective' housing for all, particularly for low-income families so that - to the extent possible - housing is brought within their reach. Building on “Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction (UPPR)’’; UPPR’s successful experiences, from 2008 to 2015 by GoB, UNDP and DFID, Govt. of Bangladesh has recently approved the next-generation urban poverty reduction program named ‘Livelihoods Improvement of the Urban Poor Communities (LIUPC)’ popularly known as NUPRP. For the first time, the project will build 5000 new housing units for extremely poor families in secondary cities with GoB and UNDP’s support. 36 locations (City Corporations / Pouroshovas) from 8 divisions of Bangladesh have been selected initially for the project. Chorshonakur at Manikdah, Gopalganj Pouroshova under Dhaka Division is one potential site for this LIUPC project. The site is specifically located in ward 09 of Chorshonakur area. The site has been used as the central dump yard of Gopalganj Pouroshova for more than 10 years. But, it will be shifted to somewhere in Chapail soon as mentioned by the authority. Chorshonakur has a total of 117 households with a population of 530. Some detail of the site goes below: 1. Location: Chorshonakur, Manikdah, Gopalganj Sadar Upazila 2. Ward: 09 3. Road: Gopalganj-Chapail Road 4. Coordinate: 22°59'32.4"N, 89°48'25.7"E 5. Site Area: 3.19 Acres 6. Religion: 70% Muslim, 26% Hindu 7. Poverty Ratio: 41.1% 8. Extreme Poverty Ratio: 25.2%








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